Project Overview

The project Active Break adresses the today’s stressful times and abundance of work. Where we forget too many times that movement is a source of health. Employers put pressure on employees to maximize productivity.  Many employees suffer from a variety of pain due to prolonged sitting for a computer, standing work, repetitive movements etc. what cause many work-related illnesses. The innovative aspect of the project is promotion of daily 10 minutes physical sports activities for employees between work-time, which will be lead by sport volunteers. Sport volunteers will be trained for managing workouts for employees with support of e-learning platform.

The day-to-day exercise for employees brings the following benefits for employees and employers: reduces the risk of work illness; improves the working atmosphere; connect and good relations between colleagues; increases work productivity; general improvement of employees’ health.

Sport organizations/associations, fitness and group exercises organizations and other sport clubs will be involved in program of development and promotion of ACTIVE BREAK exercises for employees, with sports volunteers.

Many different experts in the field of sport from project partners’ countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Italy and Bulgaria) will cooperate together with the goal to develop innovative training of group exercises for employees and motivate them for training.