Short Exercises

The project Active Break addresses the today’s stressful times and abundance of work. Where we forget, too many times that movement is a source of health. Employers put pressure on employees to maximize productivity. Many employees suffer from a variety of pain due to prolonged sitting for a computer, standing work, repetitive movements etc. what causes many work-related illnesses.

Many different experts in the field of sport from project partners’ countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Italy and Bulgaria) cooperated together to develop an innovative exercises program for employees and motivate them for training. During the project partners identified and collected existing best practices and concepts in the field of innovative approaches at motivation for employees to raise their level of sport activity, they include:

  • Active Arrival at Work. Try switching up how you get to and from work. Leave the car at home and cycle or walk instead.
  • Exercises. Some of the best exercises that can be easily incorporated in the work environment are stretching exercises.
  • Hiking. Companies can organize a hiking event, where employees can enjoy the company of each other, they can encourage one another to exercise regularly when it becomes difficult and the motivation drops.
  • Team Sports. Companies can organize regular sport events (on a weekly basis), where employees can play a team sport that they prefer (examples of this are: football, basketball, hockey, …)
  • Sneaker Day. The campaign can encourage their employees to wear sport shoes and thereby expressing their desire to overcome the sedentary lifestyle and to be more physically active.
  • Sports Event in the Office. Companies can organize hikes, basketball … to motivate the employees for sport.
  • Day Without Elevators. The idea is to promote the use of the stairs instead of the elevator and to improve physical activity.
  • Yoga. Office yoga at work is an extremely beneficial way to improve your energy levels, relieve pain in that lower back or those sore shoulders.
  • Table Tennis. A game of ping-pong is a fun way to increase energy levels by getting people out of their seats and engaging their brains
  • Dance. Dance is a low-risk, low-weight bearing activity that has varying levels of intensity, appealing to a range of bodies and abilities, especially beginners.
  • Health Initiatives in Workplace. Bringing a health care professional into the workplace can be a good initiative because it adds another level of legitimacy to the overall wellness program. On-site health clinics are also effective because it allows employees to schedule office visits without having to take time off from work.

A more detailed description is available in the download link below.

Modern technology has given us plenty of benefits and conveniences, but with one major drawback is taht most of us sit at a desk for for eight (or more) hours a day, five days a week, most weeks of the year. Many studies have shown that much sitting can be blamed for health ailments such as weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other chronic conditions. One (slightly alarming) study even found that people who sit all day have a 40% increased risk of dying.

If you feel like you aren’t getting the exercise that not only keeps you in shape and healthy but boosts the endorphins and relieves stress, you are definitely not alone. We designed »Short Break« exercises that you can perform during work or a break. The exercises are designed so that you need only 10 minutes to perform them and continue with your day.

Team building activities are not a one-time silly event, but part of an ongoing process. Their aim? To build trust between team members and make sure everybody is heading in the same direction following a shared set of values.

Success doesn’t depend on the number of hours spent at the office but on the quality of your work. In turn, this stems from your well-being. Dealing with a high workload can cause fatigue and burnout in the long run. Resting has its advantages as it helps you see problems from a different, more creative perspective.

We designed simple and easy to implement team building exercises that can improve the health of employees and also their corporation.

You can learn the developed program also through a course ACTIVE BREAK, just click the link below: